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Kentucky Kid Austin Welch trials at Feyenoord Academy

Kentucky Kid Austin Welch trials at Feyenoord Academy

Out of nearly 70 kids who participated in the Feyenoord event (exclusive and invited only) in Kentucky last summer, Austin Welch was by far one of the best. For that reason he was offered the chance to come to the Netherlands and show his skills at the Feyenoord Academy. Last week, Welch was in Holland and got the full Feyenoord experience.

12 year old Austin Welch, from Georgetown, Kentucky, normally plies his trade at Lexington FC in the USA, but this week he lived the dream of many American soccer kids when he trained at the Feyenoord Academy in Rotterdam. During the whole week he trained with the U12’s and U13’s. For Welch training with his Dutch peers was an eye opening experience. ‘The foot skills and ball control with this group are insanely good. The kids are much quicker with the ball and their passing is always firm and on the ground. They are also faster than in the USA‘, he said.

Travelling to Holland with his parents with an assistance from Buffalo Wild Wings, Welch also got to take in the magic atmosphere at the massive Feyenoord Stadium when he visited the Europa League match versus Croatian outfit Rijeka, which Feyenoord won with 2-0. ‘It was great to be in the stadium on such an important night, we really had a wonderful time!’.

Stay tuned for further announcements in regards to a similar event in the summer of 2015.