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Lion City Sailors coaches join Feyenoord webinars

This week Feyenoord hosted two webinars for 15 coaches of Lion City Sailors from Singapore. The objective of the webinars is to share the philosophy of the Feyenoord Academy. In addition to sharing our thoughts about football we are helping the coaches in their development. Lion City Sailors is a Singaporean professional football club based in Singapore. They compete on the highest level in the Singapore Premier League where they are the reigning champion. 

Koen Stam, Feyenoord’s Head of Methodology, kicked off the first webinar on Wednesday, when he talked about the methodology of the Feyenoord Academy. On Friday David Toxopeus, Feyenoord’s U15 coach, continued with the process of the Feyenoord Academy vision within his U15 team. He talked about the characteristics between U13-U16 players and the personal development plan the coaches make for every individual player.

These webinars mark the start of what will hopefully be a long and successful partnership between the two clubs. Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord
Luka Lalić, Academy Director at Lion City Sailors, knows Feyenoord and the Feyenoord Academy well. He used to work as an International Development Coach and Head of Methodology at the International Department of Feyenoord before making the step to Singapore. ‘This webinar is just a first out of many steps we will take in order to ensure our coaches and players can have an opportunity to learn and develop in ways they are in the Feyenoord Academy’, says Lalić. ‘Both Koen and David have shown us some remarkable insight: new philosophy of playing and player development as well as training methodology – which as all our coaches agreed – only ads more credibility to Feyenoord’s already reputable academy status. We look forward to continue in a strong manner and are already planning a visit to Rotterdam in a soonest available time!’