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Mark Koevermans to leave Feyenoord

General director Mark Koevermans (53) will leave his position at Feyenoord on 1 December. The primary reason for his departure is that, following a number of incidents, he no longer feels he is able to work properly and make decisions without asking himself what the impact will be on his own safety and that of his family.

‘Feyenoord has been in my heart since childhood. It was with good reason when I was hired that I said, without exaggeration, that working for Feyenoord was a boyhood dream come true. It is painful for me to have to make this decision, but I think it is for the best, despite the knowledge that I will miss the club, the colleagues and many people in the immediate environment,’ said Koevermans.

A former professional tennis player, Mark Koevermans joined Feyenoord as commercial director from sports brand O’Neill in January 2009. He had by that time already built up a sports distribution company. Almost two years ago he was formally named as Jan de Jong’s successor, after doing the duties of general director on an interim basis for a few months. 

Supervisory Board chairman Toon van Bodegom and vice-chairman Gérard Moussault will hold a media conference later today to speak in more depth about the departure of Koevermans.