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Real Madrid Grad School return to Rotterdam

For the second year in a row students of the Real Madrid Grad School visited the Feyenoord Academy. Aspiring coaches and football students from more than five different countries also spent time at the academies of AZ Alkmaar and Ajax, came to study the famous Dutch school of football. The students observed training sessions at the Feyenoord Academy, visited a Feyenoord home match and participated in an interactive workshop on style of play development.

'We are very thankful for the opportunity that we have received this week from Feyenoord and all of their staff members that attended us in the kindest and attentive manner possible. We want to personally thank everyone at Feyenoord for their hospitality that they showed us during our visit of their youth academy', says David Viejo Romero, head of the Football Studies department at the Real Madrid University. 'During this visit we were able to visit the facilities, learn about their playing and coaching philosophy and about their idea of player development. We are sure to incorporate some of their methods back here in Spain as we hold the Dutch youth academy module in such high esteem. We felt welcomed at Feyenoord and looking forward to be able to come back to Feyenoord next year to keep expanding our knowledge about how one of the best youth academies in the world works!'’