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Second visit of Kentucky Youth Soccer Association to Feyenoord

Second visit of Kentucky Youth Soccer Association to Feyenoord

Early April the boys and girls of the Olympic Development Programme of the state Kentucky paid a visit to the Feyenoord Academy. It was the second time in two years that Kentucky Youth Soccer sent its talented players to experience ‘the Feyenoord way’. The Americans trained with the international development coaches of Feyenoord, played friendly matches against Dutch clubs and experienced live Eredivisie football at the Feyenoord stadium as well as at Sparta and Excelsior.

‘It has been a great week’, said Brad Turpin, who is normally a coach at Lexington Football Club in Kentucky. ‘The kids learned a great deal from the Feyenoord staff. I’ve learned a lot as well. It was well worth it and I look forward to coming back!’

The Kentucky Youth Soccer Association brought both a boys and a girls selection. Amongst the girls was Lauryn Martin, who normally plies her trade at Kings Hammer Academy. She enjoyed her week in the Netherlands. ‘It was a wonderful experience. I’ve learned a lot, also about myself, how I play and how to grow as a player. Plus, we really enjoyed visiting the Eredivisie matches!’

Next to players and staff several parents travelled along. One of them was Tracy Burnside, who was very happy she did. ‘We had a great time. The programme offered a lot of fun things to do, both for the kids and the parents. We visited three Eredivisie games in Rotterdam, but my favourite moment of the week would have to be going to the Feyenoord game! I would definitely recommend players and parents to go on this trip!’