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Sharing the Feyenoord methodology in Cape Town

Feyenoord and Sim Tours organized a successful Feyenoord Camp for youth players in South Africa from 18 to 22 December. The camp, held in Cape Town, had 55 participants between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Feyenoord Coaches Kaj Ramsteijn and Karim Saïdi provided a total of nine training sessions, covering all aspects of modern football, based on the Feyenoord Academy football vision.

The two Feyenoord International coaches were assisted by local assistant coaches from South African football academies. To ensure that each participant received the appropriate level of difficulty throughout the camp, the players were placed into three groups depending on age and footballing abilities. This offers every player the opportunity to improve their technical, tactical, and mental aspects of football. Despite the hot weather in Cape Town, every player gave it their all.

Feyenoord partnered with local sports tour company Sim Tours to organize its activities in South Africa. 'The collaboration between Sim Tours and Feyenoord has been going on for almost 10 years.', says Rasthoem Simons, Managing Director of Sim Tours. 'We had participants from four different countries flying into Cape Town for the prestigious camp with Feyenoord coaches. Everyone was impressed by the Feyenoord philosophy and the fact that two former Feyenoord players traveled to South Africa to support the players in their development. We look forward to the next camp as well as visiting Rotterdam with a group of local players'. 

Feyenoord looks back on the Feyenoord Camp in Cape Town with a positive feeling. 'We have seen many young and motivated football players in action during our camp', says Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord. 'We appreciate the high level of interest in our Feyenoord Camp and are thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce the Feyenoord philosophy to local players and coaches. We are convinced that our efforts in South Africa make a positive contribution to the development of the sport in the country. We intend to return to South Africa next year to assist even more coaches and young athletes in their development.'