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St Louis Scott Gallagher pays fourth annual visit to Feyenoord

St Louis Scott Gallagher pays fourth annual visit to Feyenoord

This March St Louis Scott Gallagher Illinois made its fourth annual visit to the Feyenoord Academy. Two teams, coaching staff plus family members made the trip from the United States to enjoy a week full of football, fun and culture. During their visit the teams visited a Feyenoord home match, played the Feyenoord Academy and made a road trip to the academy of Racing Genk in Belgium. 'Visiting Rotterdam was a one of a kind opportunity that provided a high quality environment for professional development', said Kyle Riebeling, full time coach at St Louis.

St Louis Scott Gallagher-IL and Feyenoord entered into an educational partnership in 2014 with the objective of helping the American club improve its academy programme while simultaneously providing Feyenoord exposure in the US. Riebeling expressed his satisfaction with both the Feyenoord trip and partnership: 'The benefit this trip and partnership has provided for our players and our staff is of the highest value. Watching and working with the Feyenoord staff over the past three years has challenged me and aided in my personal growth as a coach. I'm extremely thankful to the entire Feyenoord staff for their partnership with us and the opportunities it has provided our club, coaches, and players.'

In the years that have passed over 200 Americans visited Feyenoord through the partnership. 'The partnership between our organizations, St. Louis Scott Gallagher Illinois and Feyenoord Rotterdam, continues to provide our club, academy, staff and players with invaluable opportunities to develop and improve our own environment' says Blake Decker, director of Coaching at SLSG. 'The value we experience has only increased as the relationship between our two clubs, and most importantly the people involved, grows stronger. We are grateful for the time and energy Gido, Melvin, Sevy, Luka and the rest of the Feyenoord Staff provide as St. Louis Scott Gallagher Illinois continues to strive to fulfill our mission of becoming the best club in the United States.'