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Stay home, stay safe, stay active!

7 Tips from the Feyenoord International Department for you as a Club, Academy or Coach.

1. Safety
With everything you do, keep in mind: ‘Safety first!’ It is important for anyone told to self-isolate to separate themselves from others. Try to stay in a well-ventilated room with a window that can be opened and closed. For anything active you might do; make sure the drills are always safe for all participants.

2. Health
It is inevitable that your players’ physical activity will decrease during self-isolation, so it is even more important for them now to be mindful of what they eat and drink. Help them ensure that they are not consuming more than the body requires every day.

3. Food / Diet
Give your players tips about small, regular meals each day (or during the ‘work week’ for example). Help them find some structure. Give players good advice and several examples about what they can eat for:
• Breakfast (e.g. whole meal bread / eggs / low fat yoghurt)
• Lunch (focus on low carbohydrate and increased protein)
• Dinner (focus on low carbohydrate and increased protein)
• Snacks (e.g. nuts / fruits / yoghurt)
• Drinks (e.g. low calorie flavored water or water)

A good video or documentary (from their idols in sport) can help you. Try to engage parents. Make a 'Corona Health Quiz' afterwards (with prizes) to make it more fun!

4. Activity
Ideally, adults should be practicing at least 30 minutes of moderately intense physical activity per day. Your younger players should aim for at least 1 hour per day. Create or show them videos and challenges. You can find a lot of examples online.

• Find a good example: show them a video or better, make one!
• Keep it fun and challenging: use drills for the right level/age with the right intensity
• Use a ball
• Make it periodic: post 1 or 2 times each week, provide something new every time
• Be curious: assess with players afterwards or have them send a video
• Be creative: it doesn’t have to be football, just keep them active

5. Parents/siblings
Including parents or siblings can be an extra motivation and fun for the players. It will not always be perfect, but most important is that the players stay active and have fun!

6. Tactical
Send your team some game film from a match they have played last season. Ask them specific questions during the different phases of play (according to their own level/age). Another possible fun alternative is the same exercise with a Champions League game. Be creative. Fun alternative: organize an online FIFA or PES tournament with all your players.

7. Mental
Humans are social animals. Not having interaction with others can have an effect on one’s mental wellbeing. Especially for kids. Try to have a video call with your team every week. Try to frequently send your players a message asking ‘how they are’. Most importantly, during this period of pandemic: stay connect with all of your staff, teams and players.