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Talented players took part in Feyenoord Camp Lithuania

Last week, three Feyenoord coaches visited the Lithuanian capital Vilnius for a Feyenoord Camp. The seventh edition of Feyenoord Camps in Lithuania attracted 45 talented participants. Feyenoord Coaches Terence Arnaud, Kaj Ramsteijn and Karim Saidi provided a total of ten training sessions, covering all aspects of modern football, based on the Feyenoord Academy football vision.

The annual Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania not only attracted players from all over Lithuania, but also had an international character. The Lithuanian players thus had a unique opportunity to play with peers with an American, Belgian, Egyptian, English, French, Irish and Norwegian nationality. The youngsters, ranging from 8 to 14 years old, trained twice a day under the guidance of the Feyenoord Coaching staff. The morning sessions focused on technical skills, followed by a tactical session and fun activity in the afternoon.

The three Feyenoord Coaches were assisted by three coaches residing in Lithuania. ‘It was such an honor to represent such a big club colors during this camp in Lithuania’, said Matheus Campos, one of the assistant coaches at the Feyenoord Camp. ‘Learning and exchanging experiences with the Feyenoord coaching staff, with experience in different countries, has taught me a lot.’

Feyenoord organizes the annual camps in Lithuania in collaboration with local organizer Augustinas Kubiliunas. ‘Our Feyenoord Camp is the best opportunity for Lithuanian players and coaches to improve their skills and knowledge by the Feyenoord Academy standards’, said Augustinas Kubiliunas. ‘This was the 7th year in a row that we organized a Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania. We are looking forward to our camp in 2023!’

We want to thank the Feyenoord Academy for delivering excellence on the pitch. Augustinas Kubiliunas, Local organizer

Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord, is pleased with the fact that Feyenoord has organized a successful Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania for the 7th time. ‘Our first Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania took place in 2016’, starts Gido Vader. ‘Over the past seven years, we have been able to play an active role in the development of hundreds of Lithuanian football players. In addition, we can always count on disciplined and talented staff around us every year to make this camp a great success. Special thanks go to the local organizer Augustinas Kubiliunas. We look forward to returning to Lithuania next year in order to support even more football players in their development and their pathway to their professional dream.’