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Warm and successful 6th Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania

The 6th Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania took place in Vilnius from 11 to 15 July. Three coaches from the Feyenoord Academy had traveled to Lithuania to give 60 Lithuanian children a series of training sessions. The aim of the Feyenoord Camps is to boost the level of local youth football by means of the Feyenoord training method.

The three Feyenoord Academy Coaches (David Toxopeus, Dane Brard, Remco Schol) were assisted by four local assistant coaches from local Lithuanian football academies. The players were divided into 3 groups based on age and footballing qualities, to provide all players with the right challenge during the camp. In this way, all players get a chance to develop their footballing qualities, both technically, tactically and mentally. Despite the tropical temperatures in Vilnius, all players showed full commitment

The Feyenoord Camp did not go unnoticed by the Dutch soldiers of the present NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania. These soldiers visited the training location of the Feyenoord Camp and organized an afternoon full of sporting activities for the players present. This afternoon was intended to teach children in Lithuania more about a healthy lifestyle. In addition, this is also an opportunity for the Dutch military to meet the local population.

‘Our troops in Rukla had a pleasure to visit the Feyenoord Camp in Vilnius and meet children representing the future of Lithuania’s football’, posted the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lithuania after their visit. ‘Despite of the intense heat Lithuanian children gladly took on the challenge of a military training demonstrated by the Dutch eFP soldiers. Children had a chance to experience what is means to train as a soldier and afterwards had a friendly football match with the troops.

We see football as more than just a game, it unites people and teaches to work in a team. Embassy of the Netherlands in Lithuania

Feyenoord looks back with a good feeling on the past 6 years in which Feyenoord Camps were organized in Lithuania. Not only Vilnius, but also the historic capital Trakai and seaside resort of Palanga were the scene of the Feyenoord Camps in the past. ‘Every year, interest in the Feyenoord Camp in Lithuania is growing among the local population,’ says Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord. ‘Thanks to our local partners in Lithuania, we can share the Feyenoord philosophy with local players and trainers, which contributes to the development of football in Lithuania. We hope to return to Lithuania next year, so that even more players and trainers can learn our way of training.’