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Week of Feyenoord experiences for Tennessee SC and RISE SC

Tennessee SC and RISE SC both got the opportunity to visit the Feyenoord Academy this past week, to create new and educational experiences. Tennessee SC visited Rotterdam with their top U11 players, while RISE SC brought their U15 team to gain this meaningful experience. Both teams had an intensive program planned for them that included training sessions led by Feyenoord International Development Coaches, friendly matches against Dutch opponents and trips to various cities and professional football matches.

With Tennessee SC visiting the Feyenoord Academy for the fifth time since 2017, a long-lasting connection between both clubs has been continued, by creating a unique learning experience for the players from the United States. Feyenoord Academy coaches Dencho Narcisio and Karim Saïdi represented the Feyenoord Academy this week to give the players training sessions that are based on the Feyenoord football vision. ‘This was our 5th team trip and by far one of the best’, starts Mike Otto, Boys Academy Director at Tennessee SC. ‘The training sessions provided by coaches Dencho and Karim were first class and our young players reacted very well. Our experience was punctuated by our first ever result against a Feyenoord Academy team and three Feyenoord first team victories during the week, including a wonderful victory over Ajax.’

The 2023 Tennessee SC trip to Feyenoord Rotterdam was exceptional Mike Otto, Boys Academy Director at Tennessee SC

The U15’s of RISE SC, originating from Houston (TX), visited the Feyenoord Academy for the third time. Their players were trained by Feyenoord coaches Kaj Ramsteijn and Ruben Busé. The coaching staff prepared the team for their friendly matches against the Feyenoord Academy and Excelsior. RISE SC has shown their commitment repeatedly towards the cooperation with Feyenoord, by visiting Rotterdam this year, undergoing challenges against new opponents and receiving insights in the world of European ‘soccer’ were the main focus points of this visit. ‘This trip has been something that the players, staff and parents of RISE SC will never forget’, said Lee Williams, MLS Next Director at RISE SC. ‘This experience was incredible! From learning about what makes Rotterdam so unique, to the best atmosphere I have ever experienced in the historical Europa League victory versus Shakhtar Donetsk.’

Everything was so well organized, we are all looking forward to our visit next year! Lee Williams, MLS Next Director at RISE SC

As mentioned earlier, both teams had the privilege of visiting the Feyenoord home games against FC Volendam and Shakhtar Donetsk. With Feyenoord struggling in the first half versus FC Volendam, but able to earn the three points in the end, the unmatched experience for our American visitors obviously appeared in the European game on Thursday, in which Feyenoord beat Shakhtar Donetsk with 7-1. A night to remember.

Overall, this week has been both an educational and pleasant experience for the Tennessee SC and RISE SC academies. By competing against Dutch teams, our guests got the opportunity to test their level on a broader perspective. By doing other activities, such as city tours through Rotterdam and Delft, time to relax and to see more of the Netherlands was given. Feyenoord is looking forward to welcoming both the clubs next year to create new and unique experiences.

BVV Barendrecht U11 Tennessee SC U11 8-4
Feyenoord U10-1 Tennessee SC U11 6-1
Feyenoord U10-2 Tennessee SC U11 1-3
Excelsior U15 RISE SC U15 3-4
Feyenoord U15 RISC SC U15 6-1