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Academy Visit

A visit to our academy will not only provide your coaches, players and/or students with an insight into our methodology but also inspire and challenge them

Feyenoord Academy training

Observe the way Feyenoord prepares its talents for a career at the highest level by spectating training sessions and interacting with Feyenoord Academy staff members. Our tailor-made visits are aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the game. The academy visit will focus on one or more topics of your own choosing.


If your goal is to offer your coaches a very rewarding learning experience and provide them with access to our academy staff and all their expertise, please fill in the contact form below.

Past Academy Visits

Date Country Partner
Oct 2022 Sweden Visit by Elite Topfotboll
Aug 2022 Norway Visit by Norwegian Top Football
Feb 2022 Spain Visit by Real Madrid Graduate School
Nov 2021 Denmark Visit by BGI Academy
Sep 2021 Spain Visit by Real Madrid Graduate School
Sep 2021 Italy Visit by Modena FC 2018
Feb 2020 Spain Visit by Real Madrid Graduate School
Dec 2019 Chile Visit by Coquimbo Unido
Oct 2019 Denmark Visit by Levring Efterskole
May 2019 Denmark Visit by SønderjyskE staff
May 2019 Norway Visit by Norwegian coaches
May 2019 England Visit by Stoke City staff
Feb 2019 Spain Visit by Real Madrid Graduate School
Nov 2018 France Visit by E.A.J.F students
Mar 2018 Denmark UEFA A-course students
Mar 2016 Norway Visit by Heming coaches
Feb 2016
Visit by Real Madrid Graduate School
Nov 2015
Visit by Norwegian UEFA-A Youth Elite students
Nov 2015
St. Louis Scott Gallagher Internship
Oct 2015
Visit by Scottish Football Federation Coaches
Sep 2015
Visit by three MLS Coaches
Feb 2015
Visit by Real Madrid Graduate School
UEFA A-course students
North London Soccer Club