Fanshop Tickets
Fanshop Tickets


Feyenoord International Development Coaches travel all over the world for our successful Feyenoord camps.

Benefits of a Feyenoord Camp

During a Feyenoord camp, all participants will have the opportunity to develop their football technique on the basis of the Feyenoord Academy philosophy. Our International Development Coaches will work very intensively with the players. They are normally assisted by local coaches, provided by the organiser of the camp. This is an excellent opportunity for local coaches to learn from the training method used by Feyenoord coaches. In this way Feyenoord hopes not only to contribute to the technical development of players, but also to the personal skills of the local coaches involved.


Our staff would love to visit your ground and provide your players and staff with a real Feyenoord training experience. If you are interested in organising a Feyenoord Camp, then please fill in the contact form below.

Past Camps

Year Country Camp
Oct 2019 Latvia Feyenoord Soccer Camps in Riga
July 2019 Canada Feyenoord Camps Toronto & Mississauga
July 2019 Lithuania Feyenoord Soccer Camps in Trakai
Apr 2019 Singapore Feyenoord Camps in Singapore
Feb 2019 Egypt Football School Egypt Winter Camp
July 2016 USA Feyenoord Camps St. Louis Scott Gallagher
July 2016 Canada Feyenoord Camps Toronto & Mississauga
July 2016 Lithuania Feyenoord Soccer Camps Palanga
Jun 2016 Poland Feyenoord Soccer Camps Olsztyn
Mar 2016 Canada Soccer Camp Vancouver
Sep 2015 Canada Soccer Camp Vancouver
Jun/July 2015 USA Talent Camps Florida, Kentucky & Tennessee
Jun 2015 Canada Feyenoord Camps Toronto & Mississauga
Oct 2014 Suriname Feyenoord Soccer Camp Paramaribo
July 2014 Canada Feyenoord Football Camps Scarborough & Oakville
July 2014 USA Feyenoord Football Camp Lexington (Kentucky)