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Coach Developing Programs

Feyenoord’s Coach Development Program is one of its key services.

4-year Coach Development Program

Spreading our methodology throughout the years has indicated a need to adapt to various levels of coaching. Therefore, we have developed our own 4-year development plan, to cover any topic from grassroots through to professional level. Our courses are carefully designed to target different types of associations, clubs and coaching organisations. At the same time, they make one pathway to the end goal - for all of our coaches to be able to create their own game philosophy, principals, analysis, training periodisation and more.


Would you like to develop yourself as a coach, or do you want to develop the staff at your academy? Fill in the contact form below!

Past Coach Developing Programs

Date Country Partner
Jun 2018
South Africa Coaching Clinics in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Jan 2018 Cuba Coaching Clinics Havana
July 2017 Nigeria Coaching Workshop NNPC/Shell Cup Semi-Finalists
May 2017 South Africa Coaching Clinics in Bloemfontein
Sep 2016 Algeria Coaching Clinics at Excellence
Aug 2016 Vietnam Coaching masterclass for Viettel FC Hanoi
July 2016 Lithuania Coaching Clinic in Palanga
Jun 2016 Nigeria Coaching Workshop NNPC/Shell Cup Semi-Finalists
May 2016 Italy Coaching Clinic Carpi FC
Jan 2016 Cuba Coaching Clinic Havana
Jun 2015
Coaching Clinic Latvian Football Federation
May 2015
Coaching Workshop NNPC/Shell Cup Semi-Finalists
April 2015
Coaching Clinic Havana and Santa Clara
Feb 2015
Workshops Students Danish Football Federation
Oct 2014
Coaching Workshop Erin Mills Soccer Club staff
Apr 2014
Coaching Workshop NNPC/Shell Cup Semi-Finalists
Apr 2014
Coaching Clinic in Havana
Feb 2014
Coaching Clinic in Wroclaw
Dec 2013
Coaching Clinic in Poznan