Fanshop Tickets
Fanshop Tickets


eSports is going through a rapid development. In the Netherlands an eSports competition named the eDivisie has been brought to life. This is a FIFA competition in which delegate eSporters of all the Eredivisie clubs compete for the national championship.

Feyenoord eSports

Feyenoord has a team of four eSporters. FeyRyan represents Feyenoord during the Xbox One competition, while JulianvdBerg defends the club colours during the PlayStation part of the competition. In addition, Feyenoord has its own eAcademy, in which one talented FIFA player is getting prepared for participation in the eDivision.

The first international showcase match of our eSporters took place in Japan, where JaeyD and YimmieHD competed against the eSporters of the Japanese professional football club Urawa Red Diamonds.

Feyenoord eLeague

The Feyenoord eLeague is a unique FIFA-tournament for the fans of Feyenoord. Fans can qualify themselves for the final in the Feyenoord Stadium between January and June. In total, around 80 fans will qualify and take part in the final. The purpose of this tournament is to structurally connect the eSports fans to Feyenoord on one hand, while Feyenoord on the other hand can discover the still unknown potential eSport talents.


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Past eSports activities

Year Country Activity
Sept 2020 International FIFA 20 G2Esports Tournament (runner up)
May 2020 International FIFA 20 Futbolist Tournament (runner up)
May 2020 International FIFA 20 Tournament vs. Bayer04, Empoli and LA Galaxy
Apr 2020 France FIFA 20 FUT Show Match vs. FC Nantes
Apr 2020 USA FIFA 20 FUT Show Match vs. Orlando Pirates
Apr 2020 Italy FIFA 20 Tournament vs. Fiorentina, Parma and Sassuolo
Mar 2020 International FIFA 20 Ultimate Quaranteam Cup
Feb 2020 Italy FIFA 20 FUT Show Match vs. AC Monza
Nov 2019 Romania FUT Champions Cup 2 FIFA 20 (top 32 world)
Nov 2019 Romania FUT Champions Cup 1 FIFA 20 (top 32 world)
Jul 2019 Germany Global Series Playoffs FIFA 19 (top 64 world)
Apr 2019 England FUT Champions Cup 6 FIFA 19 (top 32 world)
Sep 2018 Japan Tokyo Game Show (Showcase vs. Urawa Red Diamonds)
Sep 2018 France eInternational FIFA 18 vs. France 
Aug 2018 England eWorld Cup FIFA 18 (top 16 world)
Jun 2018 Netherlands Global Series Playoffs FIFA 18 (top 64 world)