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Feyenoord eSporters go head-to-head against AC Monza

Feyenoord's eSporters YimmieHD and FeyAta were challenged to a FIFA 20 e-Friendly by their AC Monza counterparts ErCaccia_98 and Figu7rinho on Monday. Schedules were immediately cleared out and the e-Friendly was scheduled for the next day – including two 1v1s and a final – all to be streamed on the official e_Feyenoord Twitch Channel.

On Monday, the official Feyenoord eSports Instagram account (e_Feyenoord) received a notification a little out of the ordinary. Italian club AC Monza had posted a story officially challenging the Feyenoord eSporters to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4. Apparently, AC Monza’s ErCaccia_98 was impressed by our own YimmieHD during the November FUT qualifications, and has wanted another shot at the Feyenoord eSporter ever since.

The clubs agreed that on gameday, the first 1v1 (YimmieHD vs ErCaccia_98) would be livestreamed at 18:30, followed by the second 1v1 (FeyAta vs Figu7rinho) at 18:50, with a subsequent final game at 19:10 involving the winners of the two head-to-head matches.

It's been a great experience! Proving ourselves against one of the best eSports teams in the world was very stimulating and we definitely look forward to organising a rematch. Adriano Riva, AC Monza representative

In the first game, the personal rivalry made the stakes a bit higher between the two eSporters as both were eager to showcase their abilities. YimmieHD was the first to strike, making it 1-0, and gaining the upper hand on the match. Despite solid efforts by ErCaccia_98 to even the score, YimmieHD was able to hold onto his one goal lead and come out with the win, moving onto the final.

The second game between FeyAta and Figu7rinho had a plethora of goals, a real show! After some back and forth in the beginning, Figu7rinho was ultimately able to come out on top, with the game ending 3-1 in his favor. However, FeyAta, our eAcademy prospect, had his fingerprints all over the game, showcasing his potential as the future of eFeyenoord.

The results from the first two games led to a final between YimmieHD and Figu7rinho. Both players seemed to flip a switch and go all out for the final, exchanging goals and skill moves. By 90 minutes, the score was tied, and all of extra-time saw the continuation of a 2-2 draw, until the 123rd minute, where YimmieHD pulled out a masterful move to go around Figu7rinho’s keeper and seal the win in the closing seconds of the match!

AC Monza is a respected eSports team because of its strong players. It was a tough challenge to beat this team, that is why we are very proud of this victory. YimmieHD and FeyAta