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Italian Coaches discovering the Feyenoord Academy

Last week, Feyenoord shared it’s Feyenoord Academy philosophy with a group of 30 Italian coaches as a part of the partnership between Feyenoord and Modena FC 2018. The coaches visited the Feyenoord Academy – one of the most famous football education systems in the world – to learn more about the Feyenoord training method.

The Italian coaches arrived in Rotterdam on Wednesday. The football content program started on Thursday with a presentation by Raymond van Meenen, Head of Operations. After the presentation, the coaches had the opportunity to observe training sessions of Feyenoord U13, U14 and U15. Later during the day Koen Stam (Head of Methodology) and Melvin Boel (Head Coach Feyenoord U18) presented the Feyenoord coaching & training philosophy. After observing the Feyenoord U16 -training, James van der Kraan (Head of Youth Scouting) presented about talent identification.

Friday, the coaches observed the trainings of U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U21. David Toxopeus, U15 Head Coach, gave a workshop about the characteristics between U13-U16 players. David continued by talking about the personal development plan he makes with every individual player.

After this workshop the Italian coaches got to see some unique parts of the Feyenoord Academy during the Feyenoord Academy tour. The Feyenoord Academy tour got followed up by a tour in the Feyenoord stadium, De Kuip. After the stadium tour they watched the first home match of the Feyenoord Women’s team in the Eredivisie. They witnessed the late equalizer of Romeé Van de Lavoir to save a point for Feyenoord in the 92nd minute. 

On Saturday our guests got to see the matches of the U10 and U17. Shortly after the game the certificates were handed out to the coaches for completing their coach education tour.

It was a pleasure to have the Modena Coaches over at the Feyenoord Academy and we want to thank everyone that took part.