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Message on behalf of Feyenoord International

Dear friends...

These are strange and unprecedented times for our generation. Life in general has come to a standstill and so has football. Here at Feyenoord, both our first team and our academy players are at home, trying to stay fit and uncertain of when their training sessions and league matches will resume. We imagine that many of you are in similar situations.

Rest assured that in spite of being in the mids of a global pandemic, we at Feyenoord have defenitely not forgotten about you, our international partners in football. In this newsletter, our International Development Coaches will share some ideas on how to keep both yourselves and your players mentally and physically fit. However, just as importantly, we also want to keep in touch with you! Thus, we are offering you, our partner clubs, an opportunity for a bi-weekly 60-minute conference call with our coaches to discuss any and all football issues, philosophize about tactics and training sessions or just to have a surprise guest during your virtual team meeting(s). Let us know if you're interested and we'll set it up!

Meanwhile, while we cannot take the field, we need to quench our thirst for competition in different ways. For that reason, the Feyenoord International department is setting up an international online FIFA Tournament. We would love for you or your players to participate. Details on how to join can be found in this newsletter.

We look forward to meet you again, offline or online. Wishing you great health, strenght, patience and solidarity on behalf of everyone at Feyenoord.

Gido Vader
Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord Rotterdam