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Over 200 kids participate in Feyenoord Camps in Canada

Feyenoord organized two camp weeks in Toronto from 15th-19th and 22nd-26th of July in collaboration with Dutch Connections FC. A dazzling milestone has been achieved for Feyenoord with the execution of this camp. Exactly five years ago, Feyenoord set foot on Canadian soil to organize its first Feyenoord Camp in Canada. After successful camps in Toronto (4x), Mississauga (2x) and Vancouver (2x), the Dutch giant returned to Toronto and Mississauga once again.

A total number of 210 young Canadian talents joined the Feyenoord Camp weeks. The youngest players were U7’s, while the oldest participants play for U15 teams. The group was split up into three age categories. Each category was assigned a Feyenoord coach, assisted by local coaches. ‘I really enjoyed working with the local coaches’, says David Toxopeus, International Development Coach at Feyenoord, who travelled to Canada together with Feyenoord Academy coaches Martijn de Vries and Harrie Nugteren. ‘We see that the bond and collaboration with Dutch Connections FC is getting stronger every year’.

Dutch Connections FC partnered up with Feyenoord with the intention to introduce Feyenoord Camps to Canada. Over the past few years, DCFC and Feyenoord expanded the partnership by also offering DCFC teams the opportunity to visit Rotterdam for a tailor made team trip. One of DCFC’s teams will travel to Rotterdam for an 8-day stay in August, to learn from the Feyenoord Staff in a professional environment, while another talent-filled group visited the Netherlands earlier this year to participate in the Robin van Persie Tournament. ‘We have seen a lot of development at the Dutch Connections FC Academy since we partnered up with them’, says Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord. ‘The level of their teams and players is visibly increasing. We are proud that we as a club can contribute to their development and help them to further professionalize.'

Co-Founder & Director of Dutch Connections FC, Andrew Ornoch, also looks back on this edition of the Feyenoord Camps with a positive feeling. ‘Our coaching staff have had the opportunity to benefit from working closely with Feyenoord Academy coaches who share their knowledge and great experience. This is very crucial to further enhance development here in Canada and a huge reason why we love working with Feyenoord, one of the top professional academies in Europe.'

Feyenoord and Dutch Connections FC have started the preparations for the team trip that will take place at the end of August. ‘I look forward to working with these talents again’, says Toxopeus. ‘I believe that the age category that is coming our way has a lot of potential and I am happy to contribute to get the most out of it.' Dutch Connections FC will visit Rotterdam from the 24th of August till the 31st of August.