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Partnership agreement for Feyenoord Football School in the UAE

Partnership agreement for Feyenoord Football School in the UAE

Feyenoord and the Talent Group have signed a partnership agreement for the start of commercial football schools in the United Arab Emirates. The schools are set to open next season and will have their first location in the Emirate of Dubai. Since the summer of 2017 Feyenoord and Talent Group have been partners in Egypt.

The objective of the new partnership is to open several Feyenoord Football Schools in various Emirates. ‘After starting our very successful first year of our partnership in Egypt, we now undertake a new journey together with the Talent Group,’ said Feyenoord’s international relations manager Gido Vader. ‘Together we want to bring the same positive energy to the United Arab Emirates.’

Last July Feyenoord and the Talent Group started their cooperation in Egypt. Currently, there are already 8 Feyenoord Football Schools in the North African country in which over 1250 children participate. Under the new agreement, Feyenoord coaches will now also travel to the United Arab Emirates a couple of times per year to train local coaches there and teach them the training methods used at the Feyenoord Academy in Rotterdam. The partnership between Feyenoord and the Talent Group has started in the summer of 2017 and is now spreading its wings to other countries in the MENA-region. ‘After the success of Feyenoord Egypt it is time for Feyenoord to conquer the skies of the Middle East and transfer the culture of the club in the Arab world with its unique methodology,’ said Mohamed Boghdady, general manager of Talent Group. Boghdady is already very actively promoting the Feyenoord brand in Egypt and looking forward to initiate more activities. ‘This summer we will bring a group of Egyptian children to enjoy Feyenoord in Rotterdam for the first time.’

The partnership agreement in the Emirates is a further addition to Feyenoord’s international programme. The club is now structurally active on four continents. Feyenoord has a large partnership in China (Feyenoord Viva Football Academies), a football schools in Egypt, partnerships with two clubs in the United States (St Louis Scott Gallagher and Tennessee SC). This summer Feyenoord will again work with Shell in Nigeria and football camps and clinics will be held in Lithuania, Poland, South Africa, and Canada.