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Sharing knowledge with the Feyenoord Football Schools in Egypt

Sharing knowledge with the Feyenoord Football Schools in Egypt

Over the past few weeks Feyenoord's international development coaches David Toxopeus and Luka Lalić have visited the various branches of Feyenoord Football Schools in Egypt and Dubai. The month long visit is all about supporting the development of these branches and the local coaches. The arrival of the coaches did not go unnoticed and could even count on interest from a national sport tv-channel in Egypt. 'Feyenoord is very pleased with the development that the Football Schools are going through in both Egypt and the UAE', says Gido Vader, manager of international relations at Feyenoord. 'The fact that the Feyenoord Football Schools are now getting national publicity in Egypt is a logical continuation of the upward trend that all branches are going through, both in terms of knowledge and execution.'

At the end of January, coach Luka Lalić travelled to Egypt to attend the second Feyenoord Football School Egypt Winter Camp (click here for a video impression of the camp). A total of 120 participants came into action during this successful camp in Sharm El Sheikh. This three-day camp was only the start of a month full of interaction with both players and coaches. In total there are 14 branches of the Feyenoord Football Schools in Egypt, which train more than 1,500 players in total. Feyenoord and its International Development Coaches are responsible for supporting and supervising the long-term planning, mission and vision of these Football Schools.

During their stay in Egypt coaches Luka Lalić and David Toxopeus visited the different branches. On location, they map the current situation per Football School, in order to gain insight into the current structure and organization. Each branch can indicate in which area they require help, but Feyenoord also indicates where they would like to see improvement within the Football School. Feyenoord invests a lot of time in educating the local coaches. ‘We have noticed that the coaches have difficulty switching between different age groups and levels,’ says International Development Coach David Toxopeus. 'By means of theoretical courses we teach them a fixed structure, which benefits the overall level of the Football School'. After completing the theoretical course, all coaches take a theoretical and practical exam. When both exams are completed with a positive assessment, the coach receives a certificate. 'The coaches appreciate the knowledge that Feyenoord shares with them', continues Toxopeus. 'You see that they absorb and process a lot of new information, which benefits their personal development as a coach'.

The presence of Lalić and Toxopeus did not go unnoticed in Egypt. Both coaches have been a separate guest at a sports channel on the national television for a live interview. 'This national interest shows that with Feyenoord International we do something that really benefits the local players in Egypt and that our working method and arrival are interesting', says Toxopeus. ‘The trip is very successful so far, we can tell from the positive feedback from coaches, players, parents and other interested parties.’ In addition, Toxopeus is also impressed by the positive atmosphere and the enthusiasm that prevails within the Feyenoord Football Schools. 'I've never had so much attention and players asking for a picture as here in Egypt'.