Feyenoord Stadium

Feyenoord Stadium

The steelwork gleaming in the sun, the grass blades trimmed to perfection and the floodlight towers like four giants watching over the city of Rotterdam. Whatever your allegiances, you will agree De Kuip is the finest stadium in the Netherlands. The robust architecture and the prize-laden pitch are factors in favour of this unofficial honorary title, but the real strength of Stadion Feijenoord, as the stadium is officially known, is its unrivalled atmosphere. The spectators are close to the pitch, which makes it hard to believe that there are ‘only’ 51,177 seats. The overwhelming atmosphere at De Kuip inspires the supporters, creating a kind of symbiosis between the two. When fans say that the stadium rocks, often they mean it literally. The fans can shake the very foundations of De Kuip.

Unsurprisingly, then, De Kuip is brimming with history. Since the stadium’s inauguration in 1937 many legendary matches have been hosted there. Including a host of major European club finals. And the final of the European Championship in 2000. Domestically, De Kuip continues to host the KNVB cup final. The reason is simple: every player of every club wants to play at De Kuip.

Of course the stadium is best known as the home of Feyenoord Rotterdam and its Legion of fans. The passion of Feyenoord’s loyal support makes every home match a special experience. Due to the many great achievements that Feyenoord and De Kuip have experienced together, both club and stadium have become icons of the city of Rotterdam.

Like to experience the stadium for yourself and access areas that are normally off limits to the general public? Why not take a stadium tour? Check out the options. You can also get the full experience by attending a Feyenoord home match when the stadium is packed out! 

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